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Mytholgy in the Lion King

Persuasive essay on mythology “But Simba, you are the rightful ruler of Pride Rock!” yells Nala, Simba’s long lost friend. “Well maybe I don’t want to be king!” Simba says. After watching the movie, The Lion King, I realized that mythology was definitely a part of the movie. It relates a lot in many different ways. As I watched it, I took out the key elements of mythology in the movie. I’m here to argue the point and tell you the reasons that The Lion King is a mythological story. First of all, one key element in the movie that I found was ruling a certain kingdom of town. In The Lion King, King Mufasa is the ruler of Pride Rock, which is the land where the light touches. Although all the animals follow his command, it doesn’t mean he has a dictatorship over Pride Rock. King Mufasa consults the animals to find out what is the best result. On the other hand, In the book, The Odyssey, Odysseus is the ruler of his city, which is the island of Ithaca. When you think of a hero, what do you see? Do you see a tough, brave man doing anything to please you? If you were dying, do you think this “hero” would save you? When I think of hero in the movie, Simba right away comes to my mind. He took many risks a hero would do. For example, one risk Simba took was coming back home to Pride Rock. He never ever wanted to face the past again yet he conquered his fear and went back to defeat Scar and win his kingdom again. When I think of hero in mythology, the name Hercules comes to my mind. He was a true hero, always helping people and trying his best. A hero doesn’t necessarily have to always save people. They just have to always be trying their best and defeating what they truly think should be. Ever hated getting tricked by someone? Did it bother you? In The Lion King, Simba was tricked by a lot of animals. First of all, Simba was tricked by his Uncle Scar. Scar is definitely a trickster in many different ways. He sho...

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