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Drugs are a Major Issue in Sport and Modern Society. Using Relevant Examples, Discuss how Thorough Policies are for eradicating this Problem. The use of drugs to assist sporting performance has a long history. From 400BC, the role of sport in Greek society was as prominent as today. Mass spectator sport was the order of the day and rich prizes for winners led to the demise of amateurism and the emergence of professional athletes. Victory in the ancient Olympics ensured rich rewards in the form of money, food, housing, tax exemptions and release from army service. Not surprisingly, bribing and cheating became commonplace and there is evidence than competitors were willing to take performance-enhancing substances, including mushroom and plant extracts. Drug use was ultimately one of the major reasons for the dissolution of the ancient Olympic Games. There is also evidence of drug taking in other ancient empires. In the Roman Empire, gladiatorial co petitions and chariot races were a major source of public entertainment. Chariot racers fed their horse substances to make them run aster, while many Gladiators were “doped up” to make their fights sufficiently vigorous and bloody for the paying audience. The Christia Continue...

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One more major type of drug that is used are diuretics. There are also different disadvantages for males and females. ns found the bloody nature of many Roman sports unacceptable, and all form of pagan competition, including the ancient Olympics were banned. There are also a number of other substances that are used by some athletes such as local anaesthetics, which are allowed for medical purposes only, corticosteriods, which are medically used for asthma and are allowed in special cases and alcohol and marijuana are used to steady nerves. Long term effects can be the failure of the kidneys and heart. Unless these view are changed and athletes no longer want to take drugs to increase their performance levels then the use of drugs in sport will continue to increase. In addition to this ban and records or medals achieved by the athlete at the time of, or after the sample was taken, are removed. Although the setting up of organisations such as WADA has reduced the number of athletes who use drugs competing in major events it has not stopped drugs being used, nor caught all of the athletes who use them. The WADA's task is to lay down common, effective, minimum standards that are compatible with internationally recognised quality standards for doping controls, especially with regard to out-of-competition controls. The WADA moved with remarkable speed in encouraging and implementing this comprehensive drug-testing program. Therefore, detecting the use of performance enhancing drugs at lower levels of competition is not reliable and so does not stop their use in younger athletes. Alternatively, the increase could be accounted for by the advancement of testing procedures, therefore the number of athletes using drugs may have stayed the same and it is the number that are caught that has increased. For many, it is that they want to be the best in the world in their chosen sport and will use whatever methods they can to achieve that goal. Most governing bodies for individual sports such as the British Judo Association, conduct forms of doping tests, and any athlete from county level upwards is subject to random testing.


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