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The Culture of Greece The age of Greece was a wonderful time for immense accomplishments and discovery in science, literature, art, language, philosophy, and many other fields of knowledge. Even the alphabet that we use today is derived from the ancient Greek alphabet that they developed from the Phoenicians. Greek mythology is also still popular today in many stories and movies on the big screen, even though the modern sciences have replaced them as sources of truth. Some of Greece's largest and most prominent accomplishments include the development of philosophy, the building of the great city of Athens, and its Hellenistic Age, in which Greek culture was spread into the Eastern countries. Although Greece is no longer what it used to be, the influence of its civilization and culture will forever have an impact on our culture, society, and peoples. The Greeks were the world's first philosophers. They were the first to wonder about nature, how the world worked, and the real meaning of life, instead of just living life by the old Greek mythology. They asked themselves questions such as What exists and........ Although they were great thinkers, they also started out like many other ancient civilizations and created l Continue...

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He recognized the strengths and weaknesses of the cultures that he studied and wrote things with many different points of view. Other than in art, Classical Greece also had economic and social differences from Hellenistic Greece. This new period of time was undoubtedly different from its previous age, the Classical Age. The Classical and Hellenistic Ages had many differences, including that of art. So, while the Classical Age produced great works of literature, poetry, philosophy, and art, the Hellenistic age "hellenized" the world. They asked themselves questions about water, matter and creation. , philosophers began to turn away from nature, and examined more closely the individual and its place in its society. The first Greek philosophers lived around 600 B. A third type of writing was invented by Herodotus after different true stories from the past were collected into books and volumes, and this was called history. The writers of comedy, although using a different style, also managed to incorporate these similar themes into their writings. After Alexander the Great discovered the treasures that Greece had to offer, he decided to bestow its gift upon all of mankind. Athens, enriched with philosophy and now literature, became more splendid than ever before.


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