Symbolism in Short Stories

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Many interesting stories are held within the pages of "Heartland". The stories by Canadian authors including Alice Munro, Veronica Ross, and Roch Carrier, capture the readers interest through plot twists, characters, theme, and much more. As the readers we are led to ask whether or not what is written on the page has a more elaborate meaning. Within these stories the concept of things not being as they seem is brought to our attention. Modern authors often explore symbolism in order to create more interest for the readers. Symbolisim is demonstrated in various ways in the stories "I'm Still Here", "Forgi Continue...

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THe evaluation of symbolisim in short stories begins with "I'm Still Here". Cam becomes a very religious man in the story. The symbols in these stories adds to the readers interest by making us reevaluate and rethink what we are reading. Cam says "I hope you know you're commiting murder" in regards to her slicing the beets. Symbolisim appears once again in "Forgiveness in Famalies". The beets his sister Val is cutting up represent this. The cake symbolises Val's embarassment of her bother. A final symbol in "I'm Still Here" are Jakes footprints in the snow at the end. The footprints represent hoe isolated Jake has become because his are the only prints around. However by the end of the story Jake makes a change to the note by adding "Can You See Me" By adding this question Jake seems to be second guessing his beliefs. These symbols are based on Cam's behaviour and lifestyle. The red haired reporter symbolises the persuasiveness of the government and the media. There is a note on the door of Jakes house which state "I'm Still Here"(Ross 194) This is a strong statement that shows Jake is trying to make a point to the world by saying he is standing up for what he believes in.


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