1) Does Scout like school? What are specific reasons behind her feelings?
             In my opinion, Scout does not like school. Firstly, Scout greatly values spending time with her father reading books. And School almost took that away from her and at a time, she was greatly upset. This made her so upset that she threatened not to go to school. Also, with school, Scout feels that it doesn’t challenge her mind enough and finds it boring. “The second grade was grim…not until one reached the sixth grade that one learned anything of value.” This quote shows Scout’s attitude towards school, which are thoughts of school being boring and not of a challenge. To add to this, the kids at school are not that kind to Scout as they tease her about her father defending a Negro. Even though Scout would like to fight the kids, she is asked to hold back by her father.
             As many negative actions are linked to school, this makes Scout dislike it more and more. Reading with her father was almost taken away from her, and kids like to tease her about her father defending Tom Robinson. Also, to add to this, she also feels that school does not challenge her enough . With all of this put together, this would make a negative effect on school and this is why I think Scout dislikes school.
             4) Who is Boo Radley? What is his function in this novel.
             Boo Radley is one of the main characters but doesn’t make an appearance until the very end in this novel. At first, to Scout, he is just a scary figure that only comes out at nights and likes to eat cats. Scout, Jem and Dill fascinated by this scary monster all have games where they would see if Boo Radley would ever come out. Not knowing any better and being just kids, they see if they can touch the door, they try to put a letter asking for Boo Radley to come out and they even get shot at trying to get Boo Radley out of his house. As the story progresses, Boo Radley feels affection for these children and he...

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