Without Electricity!

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Discussion Paper: Without Electricity! SNC – 1DT GGMSS-IBT In our modern society where all aspects of our lives are almost totally dependent upon electricity, after being exposed to electricity for the first 14 years of my life I don’t think I could go back. If you walk into your house today, you press a button on the remote control and you expect the TV to come on. There are many things you depend on electricity to do each day. How do you get by without electricity? Everything from telephone and telecommunication systems to water and sewage treatment plants and from our transportation systems of ships, railroads, trucks and aircraft, to refineries, factories, food processing plants and high rise buildings will not work without electricity. No more light, heat, TV, Internet, computers, and music. Today when you flick a switch, and you expect a lig Continue...

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With everyone collecting wood the trees would be scarce, and the air would be filled with carbon dioxide. You would have to take your lantern with you everywhere you go just to see a couple feet in front of you. You would barley have enough light to even fill a whole room, or even a corridor. In today"tms technological era computers are becoming more and more useful, for school, work or pleasure. This loss would also cause a lot less lobs (mainly WWW sector, desktop pub). The intellectual level would go down without computers, and man will do simple tasks, that computes now do. Just imagine living without electricity, everyday just for light after the sun goes down you would have to use candles and lanterns. Without electricity in today"tms world the bad effects outweigh the good aspects of a non-electrical world. Kid"tms will bug their parents more, and sibling fights will occur more frequently. I would probably miss the tube the most other than heat and light. Not only is TV fun, interactive, interesting, it is something to get your mind of a problem or even for a good Toronto Maple Leafs Game. People don"tmt realize what a hassle it would be to wash cloths by hand, and leave them to dry, not to mention how time consuming this would be. Calculations would be harder to make.


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