Men vs. Women

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Kimberly Jose HUM 101 Section 32 12th of November, 2001 The Balance between Women and Men Men and women have always had their differences, but do those make their lives easier compared to the other? Women have the evident disadvantages and heinous events and activities, however, men have their disadvantages as well in a less obvious manner. Although I am a female and somewhat believe women do have it harder because of the physical distinctions, I feel men have their shortcomings as well, more in the sense of things they cannot get away with. However, difficulties of men and women tend to even out as time goes by and society progresses as a community. Thus, both sexes have their advantages over each other and can say they can do certain things just because “they are a girl” or because “they are a guy,” which is supposed to be reasonable enough to continue their actions. This balance is something that is probably better for the world instead of extreme and literal equality. Both sexes have certain aspects to overcome the opposite sex, yet neither is better than the other. A woman comes into the world and is expected to act certain ways, to follow certain rules, and to be as feminine as she can Continue...

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A woman who talks about sex bluntly and is open about everything attracts a lot of attention from guys and even attracts them to her, but is a bad one since it is only a physical one. She is restricted on what to wear for the appropriate situation, has to make sure she is not too outgoing but not too shy at the same time, and look as beautiful and as fit as she can be. Stein once said in class that "there will never be a female version of Michael Jordan just because it is physically impossible. Men are in the long run stronger and faster just because of their physical assets compared to females. I know I have used it plenty of times, flirting with the policeman so I would not get a speeding ticket and was able to do that three times. What men tend to think about the most is sex, and if a woman starts talking about it in front of them, then of course the man is going to be turned on. The discussion of sex is welcomed because it is so taboo. Nature tends to give all the responsibilities to the women, making them give birth, have to deal with a monthly friend, who is not a friend at all because it is quite unpleasant and painful, and gives physical properties to a woman that make it harder to compete with the male's physique. What man can do that to a police officer They would probably get beaten up. , yet a woman comes up with a low cut, tight shirt and skirt and no I. Women can use their sexuality and attractiveness to get away with things in any situation. Men are not thinking "do I look like a slut in this when putting on a t-shirt. For example, everyone says it is like pushing something the size of a watermelon through a hole of the size of a lemon; I could not even imagine! After birth does not look like a bundle of fun either, the soreness down there because of the birth giving and having a baby breast feed and occasionally biting hard on the nipple. The monthly period is not an enjoyable experience, full of bloating and "ickiness, and can also lead to not being able to participate in certain activities during the menstrual cycle because of the discomfort. I know I would never dare to ask a guy out, have to deal with bullies, or having to wear a tight tie and a thick suit in the summertime.


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