In Our Brutal World, People W

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It is the complexity of the main characters and their interactions that make A Streetcar Named Desire a successful and memorable play. The columnist writes of Tennessee Williams, “He took the shiny, perfect surface of American life and turned it inside out to show the psychosis underneath.” The play is based on his own experiences. He novels are written using imagination, and creativity to write this play. This play has made the playwright, Tennessee William, a success. The whole play is focused on the main character, Blanche DuBois. Blanche and her sister Stella have an enjoyable childhood on the family plantation, “Bell Reve”. It is the best time of all for Stella and Blanche. Time passes by and Stella did the logical thing and left her homeland and marries Stanley. Blanche becomes a high school English teacher in Laurel Missippi. She hung on to it, unable, to move on and face reality. In the end, she arrives in New Orleans as a witty, fragile, and arrogant lady. Stanley sees through her and destroys her relationship with Mitch. At the end of the play she is led away to an insane asylum. In our brutal world, people who appear to be the most compassion and tender cannot accept the truth and become transforme Continue...

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Blanche makes up the story, because that what she thinks thing are ought to be. They are attracted to one another; perhaps they are looking for lover. In the beginning of the play, Blanche feels comfortable from her sister. For a considerable amount of time Stella does her best to support Blanche. Blanche is on her illusion, but Stanley is on reality. Stanley is qualities described as powerful, violent man. Stella and Mitch give their best support, which make Blanche feels better. He is totally different then from Blanche. She cannot handle the fact that Mitch has rejected her and in addition to that her sister does not believe her. Could it be - you and me, Blanche ...He kissed her forehead and her eyes and finally her lips... (Williams, scene 6, pg. There is no way that two people as incompatible as Stanley and Blanche could live comfortably around each other. Stella cannot think of anything to make her sister feel better. Both of the characters have had loved ones die. Blanche is horrified when Stanley opens and begins to read the old letters and love poems from her husband.


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