Abortion comparison/contrast

             In our society today abortion is a controversial issue. Everybody has their own opinions and their own viewpoints about abortion. There are the pro-choice activists and there are pro-life activists. Whichever side or position one takes, the argument seems to be fairly balanced. For every point supporting abortion there is a counter-point stating just the opposite.
             Since abortion is legal in the United States of America, many people believe that it should remain legal. These people believe this because they are pro-choice activists. Pro-choice activists believe that it is the woman’s right to choose whether or not to give birth to her baby once she becomes pregnant. On the other hand, there are people in our society who are working hard and making every effort to convenience Congress to pass laws that would make abortion illegal. These people who want to abolish abortion are called the pro-life activists.
             The pro-choice activists argue that abortion is a choice that should be decided by each individual. The pro-choice activists do not see abortion as murder because in their minds and opinions the fetus is not yet fully human. Because it is not fully human, it cannot defy God, or go against the will of God. To the pro-choice activists, women should not have to give a reason for having or desiring an abortion. They feel that women have the right and the freedom of choice to abort a baby simply because that baby is growing in their womb.
             While adoption is an option some women choose, many women would not consider it. Some women do not want to suffer the physical and emotional trauma of being pregnant and giving birth, only to give the baby away. The pro-choice activists feel strongly that laws should remain in our country to protect the woman’s right to choose.
             The pro-life activists argue that abortion is sin and that it makes no sense for any woman to have the righ

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