An Intro to Teen Pregnancy in

             In my introduction I am going to answer the following questions: Is teenage pregnancy a problem ? If so, how big is the problem and how have other countries and communities tried to reduce it ? How does the national situation in Britain compare to that of other countries ? How has teenage pregnancy affected the community of Lewisham ?
             In this section I plan to take a detailed view of my community by using the statistics that have been given to me. Firstly, I am going to re-compile the statistics so that they are more readable and make for easier comparison. I plan to compare and contrast the data of different areas within my borough to identify trends and possible causes. I am also going to look at how the level of teenage pregnancy has changed over the last decade. From this data, I plan to make comparisons of different boroughs and then draw conclusions about the possible causes of teenage pregnancy in my borough.
             Factors That Influence the Rate of Teenage Pregnancy
             Economic - For this issue, I would like to focus on family income and the provision of sex education in schools.
             Moral and Social - I would like to discuss the change in our society’s view on teenage pregnancy and single parents. I would also like to discuss the effect that peer pressure has on young people and to what extent it causes teenage pregnancy. Another important aspect in this area that I am going to discuss is the role that the media plays in changing social attitudes to various ways of living.
             Political - For this part, I am going to talk about the effectiveness that the government’s policy has on reducing teenage pregnancy and also what other policies are being used throughout the world and what effect they have. I am also going to consider what the possible effects of introducing such policies will have on Lewisham and how they might work.
             I will be dealing with these sections separately, ho

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