Language as a Living Organism

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As we start studying language, we learn to see it not only as a set of words that we use to communicate with others, but also as something that was born, started growing with time, in some cases gave birth to different dialects or experienced death. In this case we can say that language has it’s own life. For example, let’s compare it with a tree. If we want to have a plant we need to see what kind of environment we have, if the land is fertile or full of stones, if there’ll be enough water to take care of it, and when we know all of these we plant the seed. After a seed has been planted and the land has been taken care of, a new plant will be born. As any living organism this plant is unique and shows it either in its shape, color, height, etc. When we try to understand how language develops we probably see ourselves in a situation where we have a question with Continue...

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I can't possibly know how it developed, but I suppose that the reason was the need people had to express themselves in some period of human development. It only depends on us, the ones who use it, to give languages the value they deserve and understand that if it wasn't for languages we couldn't be able to express ourselves. The plant grows and shows some flowers coming out, and after a while this flowers give room to seeds that will lately fall, and again, if they find the necessary environment, a new plant will develop from it. We can compare that to language saying that when we see a new language growing and we take care of it paying attention to the rules and vocabulary it has, it starts to get bigger, it has more words, different sounds and grammar rules. In the same way, languages like Latin gave other languages like Spanish or Italian the roots or seeds necessary to grow, but Spanish and Italian themselves have their uniqueness. The same uniqueness that we find in dialects based on this languages, so language and dialects work in a chain. When we take good care of our plant, water it at least several times a week, and give it the attention it deserves we can see our plant starts growing. If you stop using it, becomes clear that you don't need it, and even if you don't want, it'll start fading until it disappears. Unfortunately the same thing could happen with any language. But this plant, as the first one, will be unique showing that even though they both have a relation with each other they are still not the same thing. It has more branches and each of the branches has lots and lots of leaves. But whatever the reason was, the fact is that language somehow developed depending on the environment it was born, demonstrating to be unique in it's sound system, vocabulary and system of grammar. But even if we want so, as part of Nature a living thing doesn't last forever, specially if we didn't take proper care of it.


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