Turning Point in Your Life

             About three years ago I made a very stupid decision of having unprotected sex, being a teenager you will never think about the consequences of your actions. That is why it leads me into being pregnant at the age of sweet sixteen. I was seven weeks pregnant at the time and throwing up everywhere in sight. Being so ignorant, I did not want to force the facts that I might become a mother and I knew this was not a problem I can just wish and it will disappear.
             Once I knew there was a life growing inside of me, I had to get some help, but I was too scared to have someone sticking by my side and saying, “It’s going to be alright.” It was just so important for me to keep it to myself, but I couldn’t even do that. I knew it was important for me to keep the child. So, when I tried telling someone, it just blew directly back in my face. All my family members wanted me to have an abortion. It was very important to them because I felt that all they cared about was the family’s repetition.
             I knew in my heart that I did not want to kill an innocent life, which had nothing to do with my mistakes of having unprotected sex. I tried to make my parents understand how it was so important to keep the child and how I knew I made a mistake, and I needed them to stick by my side and help me, but they were not trying to listen to whatever I was saying. All that matter, was for me to have an abortion as soon as possible. So, I gave
             them their wish, and went to get an abortion all the way in San Jose on June 15 of 1999. I went and took the truth from myself, thinking I was the one wanting the abortion not my parents. I went against what I really believed in, which was not to take an innocent life away. I did not get the abortion to make myself happy; I got it to make my parents happy.
             It was important for me to put my happiness aside to make other happy, that is why I learned that somet

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