Why God allows Suffering

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Why does God Allow People to Suffer? The question of why God allows people to suffer is an age-old question for those who believe in him. Why does He put his followers through tests of faith and continue to let them suffer with what seems of no relief in sight? The Bible tells us in Revelations 21:4 that there is coming a time when sorrow, tears, pain, and death will pass away. There will be this day when God will wipe away all tears from the eyes of His children, and their sorrow will end forever. However, at the present time, humans must face the undeniable fact that people do suffer. It’s a fact of life. Sickness, sorrow and suffering are in all walks of life. At this very moment a person can probably think of a handful of others who are suffering greatly. It just doesn’t seem fair. What might possibly be the method to His madness? One can never know for certain until death when they encounter their creator, or possibly when they don’t. But until then, there is always speculation. According to the Bible, when God created man everything was perfect. There was no pain or suffering that came upon Adam and Eve. Only when they disobeyed God did Adam have to work hard to grow food and Eve have to feel labor p Continue...

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He makes up in heaven for their sufferings here. When things are going good, few people turn to God and say thank you. This would teach the follower, along with others who witnessed it, not to question God's ways, as one never knows what the reason is behind them. All the suggested reasons for why God allows suffering can be seen in the Bible and by just looking around and watching people in the world today. It is here that the investigating shall begin. It is the Christian belief that humans are all born with a sin nature and that we inherited it from Adam and Eve. The Jews suffered in the Holocaust, and countless other times, for their religion. Another such reason for suffering might be to help direct one of His flock back to the faith. Would the leper in Matthew 8:2 go see Jesus if he was fine and dandy What about the blind man in Luke 18:35 Would he have had such strong faith in God's word if he were able to see like his peers Only when they fear or are in a time of help do they turn to their creator. Man will continue to search for a concrete answer as to why God, if He truly loves His creation, allows it to experience pain and suffering while they cry out to Him. Their Strong faith saw them through their trails. Because of this, God gave back everything and then some back to Job (Job 42:10-17). It is said in the Bible that these people will be the first God looks upon in His kingdom, so He does not forget about them entirely. Again in Romans it says that all have sinned and come short to the glory of God (3:23). But, what about those who are not disobedient followers of God There are countless of faithful Christians who suffer every day, yet may be the sweetest saints one can meet Why is it that all the bad things happen to the good people while the wicked get away scott free One reason might be to a make them stronger.


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