Being A Residence Assistant

             The college lifestyle brings many amazing opportunities to any student that is willing to take advantage of what Curry College has to offer. Along with these new chances also comes some rather difficult obstacles that can be easily over come with the help of a friend or the guidance of a leader. In most cases that leader is the person right down the hall, the Residence Assistant.
             As I have learned from my personal experience that entering college, as a freshman can be a very scary experience for many reasons. First of all there is a major shift from the home centered family lifestyle to dorm based communal living. This can pose a problem for new students because it takes quite a bit of adjusting to get used to their new surroundings and ways of living. There is also the challenge of getting used to living with a complete stranger in cramped room with not much personal space.
             The academic pressures and demands in college are also different than they are in high school and even the most scholarly students must find themselves in a state of confusion at some point. Students at Curry College must get to know new teachers and new methods of learning while taking classes that they might have had no previous background in. Finding a quiet comfortable place to study is quite a challenge, never mind having the self-discipline to get oneself there and actually be productive.
             Finally, finding time for a healthy social life is of critical importance to Penn State students. Making friends, having relationships and involvement in outside the classroom activities is a great way to relax and have fun but it doesn’t come without problems. Many students are faced with the issue of finding friends who the actually like and want to spend their time with. Getting involved is a great way to do this but too much extra activities can often lead to a great deal of stress. This stress can create many problems and sometimes students tend to look to the w...

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