Canada Vs. The USA

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Canada Vs. The USA Canadians and American are similar in many ways. Through history, one may notice that the two nations are both of European origin and that many of them speak English. Canada and the US had the longest undefended boarder until recently. We can drive for miles in each other’s country without any obvious signs that we are in a foreign county, until we come upon a Tim Horton’s Donut store or Arco service station or a national flag. However, there are differences. Canadians have been described as “ American without guns, but with universal health care”. This definitely hints at some of our distinctions. Regarding gun control, Americans value their freedom over social stability, whereas Canadians are the opposite. Canadians view universal access to health care as a moral issue for which we are willing to pay additional taxes in order to insure everyone Continue...

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To me it seems that most true Canadians love Hockey and CFL football. The American society is much more aggressive and wants all its demands met at its convenience, always pushing and placing a lot of pressure on other countries in order to get what Americans want. the Americans; then we play to win! When observing the American society and comparing it to Canada"tms, in the United States, we see that there is a lack in education and morals, which can easily be seen through TV and the media. On the contrary, Canada is a middleman that negotiates and attempts to make peace with countries to suit Canada"tms needs. In the world of sports there are many differences. Americans and Canadians do have many similarities, but they also have many differences. This shows how easy it is to entertain the American people. This can be seen in attitudes and national pride. For they are two totally different countries with different views and opinions. For instance, Americans are obsessed with red neck sports such as F1-Racing, baseball and football. In conclusion, physically we both may look alike, but our views, societies, atmosphere and pride can clearly define who we are! . Also, American society is focused on mass industrialization.


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