Sports How Athletes Learn

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How Athletes Learn What are athletes trying to accomplish? The are learning skills. A skill and be defined as the quality of a persons performance. As a coach, teaching a skill, you must know what the athletes previous knowledge is. The slight modification for that is with the exceptional athlete who can use their analytical mind to visualize what they are doing, and what then need to do. It is important to make sure yo Continue...

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The next important thing to teach athletes so they can learn is the importance of repetition. ur athletes are using a strong motor and basics program, and then make the necessary small adjustments to refine all movements, all while taking in account the athletes maturity, ability, size, and age. An athlete first learns a skill, and then practices it over and over till it becomes second nature. An athlete learns that they need to give their all to improve in a skill, and sometimes it can be hard for a coach to tell wether or not an athlete is giving their all. There are four steps in teaching skills to athletes. The learning comes down to Mental, Practice, and Automatic. The Practice being the large amount of repetition, doing both quality and quantity. The first is to introduce the skill. The mental being the athlete learns what is expected of them, and understands what needs to be worked on.


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