The New Crime

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Created to be a military intelligence weapon by the US Defense Department, the Internet is now a vast mediocre commodity. The Internet is a publicly accessible computer network connecting many smaller networks from around the world. Therefore, people from every corner and crevice of the world can be found on the web. The Internet is becoming an increasingly popular form of entertainment and supplements the television. People of all types go online to entertain themselves, keep up to date with the news, and now with e- commerce, conduct their business. However, anything that appears to be too good is usually just that. “People of all types” includes the opportunistic criminals of the world whom look only to benefit themselves at the expense of other's lives, misfortune, and misery. With good intentions the internet can be a safe place, but the Internet can also be used as a mediated channel of communication in which criminals can research, conduct, and conceal their crimes with little or no resistance from security. It is a channel that has given birth to a new breed of criminals that have only just begun to uncover the depths and horrifying potential of cyber crime. The Internet is immensely vast. With little effor Continue...

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He would often chat with his victims for months. In the study conducted by Mann and Sutton (1998), they found that hackers joined newsgroups to seek out possible customers to sell their illegal products to. According to Graham Smith (2001) "The Internet is the newest context for crime and continues to challenge judges, legislators and law enforcement agencies that attempt to apply traditional legal standards to a digital dimension. This heinous crime might have been prevented if more security and surveillance measures were used on the Internet community. Computer viruses have been a threat to people and businesses since the beginning of the computer era, but now with the use of the net, a virus can be distributed to a countless amount of people in a small amount of time. Billions of dollars can be lost within a matter of hours to a well-planned well-placed virus. After researching and obtaining the information they need to complete the criminal act, criminals then commit the crime. Until this legal issue can be worked out, the proper surveillance of criminals on the net won't be assured. The Internet provides anyone with the intent to defraud a satellite service provider with the latest techniques and technology to as soon as they are available. If this type of crime was perfected it would mean horror for the world stock market. Although this interaction sounds innocent enough, in "Netcrimes (1998) David Mann and Mike Sutton state that, "Criminals can exchange information in newsgroups that advise others on how to commit crimes. However, to criminals with the intent to steal, cheat and murder, the Internet can be a handy tool to assist them with committing their unlawful deeds. Some of the commonly known ones are the ILOVEYOU virus, the Trojan virus and the Chernobyl virus; all can do a huge amount of harm to a computer or its user. Since one can't openly discuss illegal intent over the newsgroup due to the public nature of a newsgroup, most hackers used IRC or Internet Relay Chat to communicate with their customers online. An article called "Cyber Killer(2001) by Stephen Michaud of "Maxim magazine detailed one such crime.


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