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Flash’s across the sky A stampede as the clouds Crash together Swirling, swarming, suffocating Each other In a race to find It’s own place This poem was included because it sort of says that clouds and storms know what they are doing. I wrote this poem, from the poetry unit. The pressure, a chant All I could hear was a chant ‘do it, do it, do it’ It was held right in front of me All I wanted to do was cry The pain, a pressure building inside A hate, a love, a sadness I took the first drag The one that would set the rest of my life It ran through my lungs took over my mind Dizziness, a loss of control My head spinning and my lungs so tight But that didn’t stop what I felt It felt so right All I wanted was more To feel the release Over and over and over again Nothing to stop me No hate, no love, no sadness Just me Only me The room slowly came to a halt Reality came pouring back A pain filled my mind and body A sorrow A realisation Of what I had just done I could feel tears building In my eyes And yet I held them back For the love of what I had just done. This poem was included because I feel that it deals with a couple of issues that teenagers face. I wro Continue...

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I believe that poetry is an interpretation and being an interpretation you should be able to see the poem how you wish to see it, and giving the poem a title tells the reader what the poem is, not letting them decide what they will of it. The lava spat Like boiling water And the volcano roared As loud as a lion The ash flew out Like rolling clouds And together They were as mighty as a bull. And that has what this poetry unit has been about, writing set poems for set topics. This poem was included because I like Volcanoes and I just wanted to put it in. A passing night A falling star A dream so clear And yet so far A heart that beats But not to hear A love so strong Made to fear I included this poem because I think it explains a lot of things. One wish, I can't full fill One wish, that is needed so A heart that bleeds From a pain so strong A friend in need, but what is needed Can't be done Guilt so strong It hurts to cry The life I live Should be hers to try Her pain I cannot ease Because her sadness comes to me From over the seas This poem was included because it relates to my friend who died, but this poem is for me. The poems I have selected to be in my anthology have hopefully varied, not sticking to a particular theme, if there is one. Poetry Assignment In class we have been studying poetry, learning techniques and styles, just over all trying to improve our own poetry. I wrote this poem, from the poetry unit. This poem was included because instead of writing the poem as we were told I used the same topic but changed it, to suit my interpretation. I do not wake up In a foreign bed I do not shake With fear for what I have just seen I think tomorrow is a brighter day I cannot see The world behind the mask I do not hat with such A burning passion But I to do cry With salty tears This poem was included because I feel that people take what they have got for granted or even don't realise what they have. I personally like poetry; to me it gives meaning to things that I would not have necessarily thought had meaning. A star shinning bright In the darkness of the night Burning there for you, For me, for eternity Living long full of light But when in our sight It has reached It's night Into a darkness A whole with no light It will fall And into that whole There will be no flight I included this poem because it has more meaning than a star's life and I wanted to put it in.


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