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"The end doesn't justify the mean, or so they say, but when the cause is distorted by smoking, its effects are never justifiable." (Princess) Someone dies of tobacco, somewhere in the world every ten seconds. Why do many of us, one in every three persons, worldwide-smoke? and why should it be prohibited? Cigarette smoking can be hazardous to ones' health due to addictions, frivolous spending, second hand smoking and various health problems. Most Americans start smoking when they are 13-14 years old, and are smoking regularly by 17 or 18. The most commonly cited reason why children start smoking is pee pressure- wanting to be accepted by a certain group who see smoking acceptable. Another reason could be the influence from parents or older siblings. Once a person starts smoking regularly, the addictive process slowly creates a pattern of having to smoke to feel good. That is when a smoker feels he or she is trapped. At first, a smoker thinks that they can quit anytime but most smokers find it very hard to stop. There are three aspects of smoking whish makes it difficult to quit: · The familiar routine or habit · The mental attitude that one needs to cope with their problems or Continue...

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There are many reasons to quit smoking. The highest percentage was in Nevada with 19. " "Nicotine is a very potent stimulant for dopamine when it is smoked and inhaled into the lungs. 'The tobacco industry has caused immeasurable harm to the public health. This is known to be the number one cancer killer in the United States. Smoking Cigarettes also effects the circulatory system. But most people have very little idea of exactly how dangerous smoking can be, how many different types it can cause or complicate, or how much smoking increases the risk of contracting various deadly diseases. 7 billion per year, according to health economists at the University of California. Why is smoking recognized as the most addictive behavior Most persons state that tobacco is more addicting than heroin, cocaine and alcohol. Smoking is a matter of choice the first time, but once a smoker starts, he or she soon becomes deprived of the choice to stop. Recently, evidence has gathered up a causal link to heart disease. This destruction is caused by conditions such as a smoker's cough, Emphysema and Lung Cancer . A scientific agreement has emerged during the past ten years that second hand is a major cause of lung cancer and respiratory disease in young people. All of these will stimulate the chemical dopamine, which creates the pleasurable feelings like "miniature chemical fireworks.


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