Discrimination and Anti discriminatory Practice

             Discrimination can be defined as treating people/groups of people less favourably than others due to factors relating to race, colour, gender, disability, ethnic origin, nationality, age, and religion.
             Unfortunately there are many groups in our society that face discrimination every day, and this discrimination can take a variety of forms including direct and indirect discrimination.
             Direct discrimination is when someone openly and obviously treats someone differently due to the above factors. An example of direct discrimination could be when a woman is deliberately ignored for promotion even though she meets all the criteria, in favour of a man who has fewer qualifications. This is discrimination on the grounds of gender.
             Indirect discrimination is when a rule, requirement or condition is imposed, which effectively leads to less favourable treatment for a particular group of people. An example of indirect discrimination could be a job advertisement such as ‘Assistant required, must speak fluent English’. This is indirect discrimination because it might exclude people whose first language is not English or recent immigrants.
             There is a growing body of legislation preventing and making illegal discriminatory practices. The purpose of which is to promote equality and anti-discriminatory practice. Anti discriminatory practices can be defined as an approach to working with people that promotes ~
             ~Self-esteem and positive group identity
             ~Fulfilment of individual potential, and,
             ~The full participation of all groups in society.
             Two such pieces of legislation include The Sex Discrimination Act 1975 and The Race Relations (Amendment) Act (2000).
             The Sex Discrimination Act 1975 applies to women and men of any age, including children. It

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