Teenage Pregnancy

             Statistics show a very high rate of teenagers having kids. There are some as young as fourteen that are parents. This is a huge problem for not only them but for society.
             This affects not only the parents and the child but society as well. A teenager should not be tied down to a child at their age. They have so many other things to deal with and other responsibilities that there isn’t time for a child. So when they do have kids, they have to usually set priorities straight and usually something important like education gets pushed to the side.
             A child born unto young parents is usually not in the best hands. Teenagers aren’t as responsible because they are not yet adults. They end up relying on their parents for help or they are barely getting by on their own. Financially they can’t realistically support a child, which then they end up relying on society.
             Teenagers who get themselves pregnant affect the people around them too. Taxes are used in the welfare checks given to those teens that aren’t financially fit to raise a child, which is the case most of the time. So basically the funds to raise their child is coming out of taxpayers’ pockets.
             What can be done to resolve this problem? Having more classes available to younger teenagers that teach them about protection, people to talk to if they are sexually active, having protection more readily available, and having parental/guardian figures talk to teens early about morals and consequences are all viable options. Most classes that have sexual content in them are only available to older students. I think if they were offered to younger students as well, they would also benefit from them. Having counselors available for those who have decided that they are ready to have sex would also be beneficially. They could give advice, information, and statistics. It would also be beneficially if there were a male counselor for male students to ta

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