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My Oedipus Complex: reactions to outside pressure

An individual’s reaction to outside pressure can affect relationships within a family. Based on “My Oedipus Complex,” tension between a mother and child was developed after the return of the father from war. In this case, the outside pressure is the war and the relationship is the bond between mother and child. The fathers return caused a change in routine for the child resulting in frustration and jealousy. These emotional tensions lead the child to dislike his father creating a conflict between the two. The child believes that his mother’s love and care are torn between two individuals, his and the fathers. Not being used to dramatic change, the child rebels by saying rude remarks. He later learns how to except the change and cope with his emotions. The father also understands that his son is not used to having a definite figure in his life. Both individuals come to term by adapting with the changes. Outside pressure can stir up many obstacles that family members might have to endure. Emotional tension may sometimes lead to anger which can only be solved by communication and understanding within a family. Unresolved anger can buildup over time and the feeling of neglect is just part of a chain reaction. Examples in “My Oedipus Complex” revealed that the war had an impact on each member of the family. The mother, left alone to care for her only child, was anxious to see her husband return home safely. Henceforth, all of her love and attention was given to her son. The father, no longer drenched in the state of war, finally found life where he left it. Returning home to his beautiful wife and son, all his worries were now focused on supporting his family. The child, carefree and full of hope, is forced to subside his feelings as his father intervenes with his mother’s love right before him. Consequently, outside pressure may have a positive or negative affect on family relations. Larry, the child, defines his father ...

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