Affects of Gun Control Laws

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How Are Gun Control Laws Affecting Our Society? On April 16th, 2014 the Jenkins family turned in for the night. They hear something in the front room. It sounds like someone is breaking into the window in their living room. Mr. Jenkins gets out of bed to check what is going on. He enters the front room to find a man standing with a gun in his hand, pointing it directly at him. Mr. Jenkins has no form of protection in his house because in the year 2010 the government passed a law to make guns illegal. This scenario could happen to you if guns are outlawed in the United States. Guns are a major source of protection in the U.S. today. Without guns many more people would die and criminals would be the only ones to have control over them. Being very controversial, Gun Control is one of the leading debates in the Constitution today. According to an article in Issues and Controversies, “The Second Amendment … reads: ‘a well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms Continue...

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The Issues and Controversies Article also states, "U. A person is entitled to stand their ground and meet any attack made upon them with any deadly weapon, in any way and with as much force needed to prevent great bodily harm or death. Although according to Matt Bai, journalist of Newsweek magazine, "Bush is just as happy to let the issue sit quietly (1). President Bush feels as if our current laws are adequate for our society. Our countries current laws are protecting and defending our society. Christopher Newton, a journalist of The Washington Post, reports, "Nearly 40 of state prison inmates in 1997 who used or possessed a fire arm during their crime got the weapon from a friend or relative (1). , shall not be infringed ' ("Update 8). If other gun laws were taken into consideration, why would they be looked over more than the others that have already slid past courts The president of the United States, George Bush Jr. Robbery and assault victims who use a gun to resist are less likely to be attacked or to suffer an injury than those who use any other methods of self-protection or those who don't resist at all. If criminals were to get the guns illegally, crime rate would increase because law-abiding citizens would have no way of protecting themselves. It is expressed in an article in Issues and Controversies that judges frequently fall short to take legal action on offender's cases involving firearm regulations "that are already in place ("Update 3). Newton also reports that, "More gun carrying criminals are turning to family and friends for their weapons, rather than buying them at stores, gun shows, or flea markets (1). Even if laws were set to make it harder for criminals to buy guns they would still find a way to obtain them.