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The novel “Crabbe”, by William Bell, demonstrates the power of the will to go on. Crabbe exhibits the power of the will to go on in several ways, beginning with the unexpected arrival of his parents, which interfered with his escape to Ithica Camp. Crabbe shows his strong will to survive when he was walking back to the camp and fell down in the snow. He started to feel sleepy, warm and tired but immediately forced himself back to his feet, when he remembered a story written by Jack London. Towards the end of the novel, Crabbe shows the audience that he was determined to reach Ithica Camp, coming back from the woods, struggling with great difficulty due to the harsh weather conditions. Crabbe is an eighteen-year-old boy, who has trouble with everyone, especially his demanding parents because they expect him to become what they want him to be. No one wants to support him in whatever he wants to do. He then decides to run away from a life that he does not like because he feels as thou Continue...

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He runs off to the woods without knowledge of any survival skills. Throughout the rest of the novel, Crabbe has come upon some very difficult situations. Throughout Crabbe's hike, he falls in a snowdrift and lies in the snow for a while and becomes drowsy and tired. Franklin Crabbe, the main character in the novel "Crabbe, had single-mindedly over come all of his obstacles because of his strong will to survive. gh no one actually loves him or even cares about what happens to him, except for Silent Sam, one of his favorite alcoholic beverages. He was kept behind schedule due to the unexpected early arrival of his parents. Franklin Crabbe reveals his strong will power during his journey back to the camp. As soon as Franklin became tired, he remembered a story he once read by Jack London. The most valuable lesson Crabbe learns is that he is the only one that can help himself to change his life around in order to succeed. Her encouragement and motivation made him realize that he was the only one who could change his life. Crabbe unveiled his persistence while on his last stretch of his journey back to Ithica Camp in the middle of the blizzard. Immediately after Crabbe realized that if he had fallen asleep he would freeze to death, he struggled to his feet to stay alive. The memories of Mary and the stories that Crabbe had read, which made him determined to keep going on when things were tough. Crabbe hesitated to continue with his plan to leave.


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