Her First Ball

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Careless Youth At the very beginning of Katherine Mansfield’s “Her First Ball”, the protagonist Leila is very anxious about the ball. With the help of writer’s vivid description, you can even hear the sounds of the ball: women are preparing at the ladies’ room, the band is playing a beautiful music, men are watching at smart ladies. The atmosphere is so exciting and unforgettable for Leila, because it is her first ball. Her feelings are so exaggerated because she does not know what to expect. The protagonist looks forward to something very special, something exciting and new, certainly because it is her first ball. When the bald man appears in the story, Leila changes from excited to a bit passive. The man shares his knowledge with Leila and for one minute he shatters her vision world. “Was this first ball only the beginning of her last ball after all Continue...

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Mansfield gives some kind of foreshadowing in this story using the frequency of the bald man"tms appearance. Young girl is blooming with joyful emotions at her first ball with elderly and this situation illustrates everyone"tms mature life beginning. Leila creates the perfect dream about the ball. Author shows here a contrast technique, she wants to emphasize big difference between youth and elderly. Maybe sometimes they expect more good and beautiful things than they get. Actually, it is only a simple ball but Leila is a country girl with no experience about how people are spending their time in big cities, and enjoying the balls. "Her First Ball" is an interesting and heart touched story with the theme of not knowing what the future holds. But nothing destroyed the dream, she just realized about what is the thing like a ball. But the youthful emotions overcome the pessimistic thoughts as Leila returns to the dance floor and "didn"tmt even recognize him again" (Mansfield 223). She is not used to meet many smart dancing people. The story tells us about the young girl"tms feelings about the new life experience. She is not used to speak bravely with men.


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