To Kill a Mocking Bird-Racism

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The novel To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee, was set in 1935, a period where prejudice and racism were encountered in everyday life. The small county town called Maycomb was very old and private. The people there were not subjected to anything different to their traditional ways and did not experience things that were beyond the boundaries of their town, and was therefore very narrow-minded. The town was bounded by generations of tradition which provided an essence for prejudice and discrimination. The attitudes, treatment and judgment of people such as Tom Robinson, Calpurnia and other black people clearly reflect the racism that exists within Maycomb County. Brought into the Finch household to teach and act as a female role model for young Scout, Aunt Alexandra begins by demonstrating to Scout Calpurnia’s inferior position. For Alexandra, Calpurnia will not do as a role model for Scout. From the beginning, Alexandra shows Scout who posses the power and what higher class is, “Put my bag in the front bedroom, Caplurnia.” (Lee 127) From the moment Aunt Alexandra is introduced in the novel, one clearly sees that she has no respect for Calpurnia, because she’s black. She never once says ‘ple Continue...

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Evidence clearly proved his innocence when the court found out that Tom"tms left arm was useless. Prejudice is a distinctive characteristic of Maycomb that has covered several areas of racial hatred to social discrimination. This is one example of how innocent Tom Robinson really is. As he raised his right hand, the useless one slipped off the Bible and hit the clerk"tms table. Unfortunately, racism and prejudice is still common is today"tms society. He quickly told them he had heard a "nigger"tm in his yard. Dubose, the upper class and the accepted population of Maycomb, failed to understand the ways of several black individuals and did not considered things from their points of view. "Then you ran""I sho"tm did, suh""Why did you run""I was scared, suh. In response to Alexandra"tms demand to Atticus about Calpurnia, Atticus clearly states, "Alexandra, Calpurnia"tms not leaving this house until she wants too. ""Did you harm her in any way""I did not, suh. Not only is Tom"tms left arm useless, but Tom Robinson was one of the most respectful black people in Maycomb.


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