Why go to college?

             From all the reasons people attend college or university (new experiences, career preparation and increased knowledge), those of career preparation and increased knowledge compile best my motivation to attend higher education.
             I have chosen these two reasons because, in my opinion, college is the optimum place to establish the basis of a future career. The student, after having meticulously chosen the college or university that adapts to his future preoccupations, seeks to obtain as much knowledge as he possibly can. The student can also decide whether the field he has chosen to work in is the ideal one for him Universities also enhance the prospects of achieving a good job, as many companies “recruit” students since college time, in order to prepare them for the career they have chosen, therefore, giving them a chance to cover the costs of their tuition..
             On the other hand, new experiences are due to be encountered, as college itself is a new experience. Leaving the house where your parents leave, being constrained to face alone the hardships of life, earning your own money, these are considered to be the first steps towards maturity. And, as the saying goes, “one cannot fly without wings”, what other place except college is the proper place to grow them? As delightful this side of the shield may appear, one cannot attend higher education just for the sake of acquiring new experiences as a considerable amount of money is spent in vain, leaving students as unprepared as they were during high school.
             No matter for what reasons someone decides to attend college or university, he should behold that career preparation and increased knowledge are in fact new experiences and not the other way around.

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