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Organ Donation There are many people that need organs; there are over 71,000 people waiting for transplants in the United States (United Network for Organ Sharing). This list is growing rapidly in the United States alone; a new name is added to the transplant waiting list every 16 minutes (UNOS). This should be reason enough for individuals to donate but this isn’t the case or we wouldn’t have a waiting list this large. Organ and tissue transplantation is proven to extend and enhance lives. Medical advances continue to make transplantation safer and more effective. As of the beginning of 2000, the survival rates for transplants are about 95% for kidney recipients, 85% for liver and heart recipients and 75% for lung recipients (Wisconsin donor network). Unfortunately, organ and tissue donation has not increased at the same pace. Although approximately fifty-five people each day receive life enhancing organ transplants, another ten people die each day on the national waiting list. “ People don’t die because of organ donation. Organ donation happens because people die, says Tim Olsen from the Wisconsin donor network.” Organ donation does not happen until after brain death is pronounced. An estimated 15,0 Continue...

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Your lungs could breathe for someone. 00 brain deaths occur in the United States each year, but only 30 of that number becomes an organ donors (UNOS). Although organ transplants have gotten the majority of media coverage tissue transplants are most common form of transplant available in the country, affecting an estimated 450,000 to 500,000 people each year (Musculoskeletal Transplant Foundation). Depending on the extent of the donation, a single donor can provide tissue for as many as 50 to 75 others. Your liver could save the life of one or possibly two patients awaiting transplantation. Your bone marrow could transplant healthy bone marrow to a patient with deficient bone marrow function. The deciding factor on whether a person can donate is the person"tms physical condition, not the person"tms age. There is such a shortage because 85 of adults support organ donation but yet less then 30 have signed organ donor cardslicense or discussed with their family (Wisconsin Donor Network). The things that are never considered when determining who receives an organ are the race, gender, age, income, or social status. When the patient develops disease of blood cells or when cancer treatment damages or destroys the bone marrow, a transplant with healthy bone marrow can save the patient"tms life. You can, of course indicate whether you wish to donate all organs or tissues or only specific organs and tissues only or your entire body for medical research. Corneas are the most common transplant operation in United States (UNOS).


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