Internally Ugly

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Internally Ugly A vast amount of research has been done on the subject of eating disorders and their causes. Many eating disorders have been proven to emerge during adolescence and often serve as the foundations to more serious problems like anorexia and bulimia. The developments of eating disorders in some adolescent girls are closely connected to the biological and psychosocial changes that occur during the adolescent period. Many teen girls suffer with anorexia nervosa, an eating disorder in which girls use starvation diets to try to lose weight. They starve themselves down to skeletal thinness yet still think that they are overweight. Bulimia, meanwhile, is a disorder in which young women binge on food and then force themselves to vomit. They also often use laxatives to get food out of their system. All of these young women who suffer from this problem are considered to suffer from a psychiatric disorder. While the causes are debatable, one thing that is clear is that these young women have a distorted body image. (Wolf, pp.214-216) What is extremely alarming is that the current thin ideal for women in Western society, which is unattainable for all but a very small percentage of the population, is compounding this problem. Continue...

Personality factors were also found to contribute to the development of eating disorders. These biological changes are associated with increased dieting and unhealthy behaviours in early adolescence. This is especially interesting in as much as adults with eating disorders tend to be less sexually active. "Prediction of Eating Problems: An 8-Year Study of Adolescent Girls, Developmental Psychology, 1994, vol. But what is important in dealing with eating disorders, and this is the point, is that the person who is suffering must be made to start thinking properly before anything else is done. Though this is the most difficult process, it simply has to be done. The two psychologists examined 193 white females and their mothers during the former's middle-schooled years (13. It is a very serious issue when someone's body shape is determined by genetic disposition and yet they try to alter it to fit some kind of imaginary ideal of how a person should look. She answers: "Then I would be alone and would have no reason to live. To be sure, eating disorders are very serious illnesses; they do not have easily detectable causes and they do not have easily related cures. (Burns) Burns teaches certain steps in psychotherapy practise that teach people to make charts of tables charted "cognitive distortion and "rational response. We have learned this from the "developmental perspective, which crystallizes the significance of changes in girls during their adolescent years. The next step would be the hardest ground to start working one, since the problem of this person is rooted in distorted thinking.