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Television Television is one of the most important aspects of society. It is also one of the most controversial. Is it healthy? Is it good? It is so controversial due to all of the different views and opinions people have in today’s society. In my perspective, television is very influential and it can be both good, and bad. It can be very informative, and at the same time very negative. Television also catches people’s attention, and it can be very time consuming as well. Without the television media society would be less informed on what is going on in the world, from different music cultures to the cultures of people in and out of the country. People would however read more, although at the same time for those physically impaired, that rely on what they listen to would have an even greater challenge keeping up with everything that is going on with the world today. With busy lifestyles today, television seems to be the only way that people can communicate and, or be informed on what is happening around the world. Society sees the weather forecast, top headlines from missing people to the war that is occurring as we speak. We also receive information on what diseases are going around, and what to watch out for. We receive information on the hottest celebrities and television shows, which can end up being very negative to what is going on today, such as violence, and harassment. These can lead to bad influences towards the younger crowds that end up leading to bad behavior. A few other great examples are violent, horror, and action movies that reveal weapons and death. Television catches the viewers attention whether it is about news headlines or about Television shows that go on such as Friends, The Real World, Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, One Bad Trip, The Bachelor, and Survivor are the types of events that are going on in which society spends too much time planning to watch and watching these shows which can take up a ...

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