Chretien De Troyes Lancelot

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CHRETIEN DE TROYES’ LANCELOT Throughout the years, there have been numerous accounts of knights, chivalry, and heroism. Except up until the new age of action heroes, one man stands out as one of the well-known heroes, Sir Lancelot of the round table. Wither or not King Authur, Lancelot, or the Knights of the Round Table even existed is irrelevant, because the story of Sir Lancelot is more powerful than the truth can ever be. Lancelot has had more than his share of stories, and now even has cartoons, and movies. Why are people so obsessed with Lancelot? Because he is what most men would like to be like, and most woman try to find. A man who will go to any lengths for the one he loves. When I initially read Troyes’ story of Lancelot, I thought that it was a story of heroism and chivalry. When I reread it I realized that it seams more like a Romeo and Juliet love story. Queen Guinevere and Lancelot are a love that can never be. It also seams to be a story of questions. What should Lancelot do, be faithful to his King or his love? I believe that the best part of Troyes’ story is that it is left open to be interpreted many different ways. Lancelot is a man’s man. He fights a lot, gets the best girl (Queen Gui Continue...

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But even this suffering is sweet to him: for love (Troyes 42). For example a Romanist may believe that it is a story about love, while an action nut may think that it is a story about battles and knighthood. He is faithful to his King, because he doesn't just run off with Guinevere. This is what I feel is one of the best accomplishments in Troyes' story. He never even has Lancelot ponder over the question of which he should be faithful to; he simply is doing what he has to for his love. I am ready to employ my strength in his behalf, and to defend him against this charge (Troyes 49). I personally believe that there never was a round table and perhaps not even a Lancelot. Never more will this man trouble him: it is all over pity at the sight (Troyes 51). " In accordance with this determination, he passes over with great pain and agony, being wounded in the hands, knees, and feet. A love story is another popular component of classical stories. The story of Lancelot, the greatest knight, will live on in the hearts and minds of its readers, no matter what time or culture they live in. I believe that he also knows that he will win, because He is cocky, and knows that he is the best in the land. "You need never use arguments with me. No matter how much Lancelot loved Guinevere, they could still never be together because she was the queen, and the king would never permit it. Troyes puts an interesting twist on this, because he shows that love can conquer most (knights, pain, and delusion), but love was still not able to conquer the King.