Britney Spears: Women's Studie

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Image of a Pop Icon Britney Spears is everywhere these days. She is currently on tour, has just released her third album in the past three years, and is also starring in an upcoming movie. Excluding all of her musical awards, Spears has won Best Naval (for having the best belly-button appearance) and a month later was also featured on US magazine as one of twelve “Women of the Year.” In addition, she has appeared in the last few months on the covers of Vogue, Celebrity Hair Styles, and Seventeen magazines. Alongside Paul McCartney, Angelina Jolie, Boby Dylan, and Dave Matthews, Britney was also named one of Rolling Stone’s “People of the Year” and featured on the cover. On the cover of Rolling Stone and in the section on her, she appears extremely feminine. Britney Spears is depicted as sexy, yet innocent--the ideal woman. Britney Spears has become a topic of controversy in popular culture. Her dancing and singing are not controversial, but rather her appearance. Britney, at the age of twenty, appeared on the cover of Rolling Stone with a low-cut pair of jeans, and a lacy top that covered less of her than a bra would. Inside the magazine, she wore a partially see-through lace dress, showing off her legs, Continue...

Sapiro also points out that gender involves actions and interactions that display femininity (107). And if Britney Spears, with her many consultants, cannot pull this image off, than I doubt any woman can. For example, the adjectives I thought of when looking at the picture are stereotypical female qualities. Images like these illustrate her womanliness, expressing her sexuality and femininity. The article "No More Miss America sums up the conflict by saying, "to win approval we must be both sexy and wholesome, delicate but able to cope, demure, yet titillating bitchy (Morgan 353). She also appears childlike because of the swing and her vulnerability. In the pictures, Britney is wearing makeup and her hair has been curled, dyed, highlighted, and extended. Her legs are shaven and she is wearing a dress made of lace. On the cover, her breasts, one might say, "catch the eye. Despite the criticism of her appearance, Spears has been successful in selling her music and her image, so why should she change Britney's image is worth over a million dollars to the Pepsi Company, who recently signed a contract with Spears to use the pop idol to sell their product. Britney Spear's image has definitely sold. New York: Vintage Books, 1970, pp.