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Americanism Americanism. According to the dictionary it means “a characteristic feature of English as used in the United States.” To me it means a lot more than that. It means three main things to me- freedom, all of our needs are met, and responsibility. When I hear the word freedom, I think about freedom of speech and the freedom of choice. In America, we have the freedom of speech. We can say what we want to say anytime we want to say it. The power of speech is often abused. People in America often do not realize how lucky they are to have the freedom of speech. Another thing that I think Americanism means is freedom of choice. From the time children are born and until they go off on their own, the parent or guardian tries to choose what is best for the child. Children choose their own destiny while they are in school. The freedom of choice is prob Continue...

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Our government tries to meet all the needs of its citizens, but it is truly up to the parent (s), guardians, or ourselves to provide all that we need. Also if you do work, but do not earn enough to afford a place to live , you can apply for HUD. By paying taxes, it helps your community and the government. When people vote, it can quite literally change the world. So in conclusion to the question, "What does Americanism mean to me, I would have to say that Americanism means being free, well cared for, and most of all responsible. More people need to take that responsibility upon themselves, too. More people need to help their community and their country, whether it be in the army, marines, or navy, or just donating their time for the good of the community. Another responsibility that we have as Americans is to serve our community and our country. The freedom of choice is what truly makes America "The Land of Opportunity. If you do not have enough money to feed your family you can apply for welfare. ably the most often abused freedom that we have in this great country. This is possibly the biggest responsibility that Americans have.


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