Analysis of a poem

             Poetry is a mysterious thing. The use of poetry can be made to bring about a feeling or emotion about something, or it can be used to earn a few extra dollars. There are some writers though, like William Wordsworth, who used the writing style to write about their real life experiences. It has been suspected that he did just that in his piece, ?A Slumber Did My Spirit Seal?, to jot down his feelings about a loved one who had passed away. It is this honesty that helps to make the poem a great piece of work. Wordsworth manages to capture this honesty through his vivid imagery to create a personal sense of being there.
             She seemed a thing that could not feel
             Rolled round in earth?s diurnal course,
             With rocks, and stones, and trees.?
             The work is, obviously, a piece of poetry. In the piece, a woman has died and her lover/admirer is mourning her loss. We believe that it is a woman who has died, but in all reality, it is not specified as to who, or what, has died. The source of conflict is that the one he loves is dead. The poem is organized into two stanzas with a point of view from a man?s eyes. The author chose this point of view in order to convey a more emotional, personal level to the reader. It can also be said that the narrator is perhaps Wordsworth himself. If so, then it would seem that Wordsworth loved someone so passionately he thought she was almost immortal. When she dies, his only consolation is the one you couldn't argue with until this century: matter can be neither created nor destroyed, and she lives on with the rock, stones and trees. The setting is set in an older time period, possibly the 17 or 1800?s, but the wording of the poem tells that it is set after the death or loss of the loved one. The structure is narrative structure, advancing from the past to qui

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