Ethical Movie Review

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Money over Morals “Become an employee of this firm, you will make your first million within three years.” These words were spoken by one of the main characters in the movie Boiler Room. This man was ecstatic because of all of the wealth that he created by pulling the metaphorical stock market wool over his clients eyes. In Boiler Room many aspects of ethical and unethical business are both directly and indirectly depicted. In the movie the company J.T. Marlin that most of the main characters worked for was based on cheating the public. The proceeding paragraphs will expand upon, in detail how this company was based upon money over morals and the dilemma the main character was faced with when he discovered the illegal operation. The company was far from Wall Street. This company was ran as a high class firm. It was an illegal operation selling fake stock for large profits. In some ways it was a monopoly because it was the only business that is selling the stocks in Pharotech. J.T. Marlin brought in youth with no experience and then trained them to sell stock. The new employees started as trainees and a Continue...

Seth was a Tortfeasor by committing many torts, meaning he committed a wrongful act that is in breach of a legal duty by law. Seth's father was a Federal judge who has always kept Seth out of trouble. Not only were his choices affecting himself but also affecting his father. He was not being responsible for the common good of the people he was interacting with on a business level. Through Seth's experience working for J. His choices brought his father into the paradigm where his job was at risk. He came to the dilemma of choosing money over morals which put weight on his conscious. When Seth found out that the company was being ran illegally he was forced to turn a deaf ear to the customers complaints while knowing deep down inside what he was doing was wrong. broker they established their own accounts and begin making profits for themselves. After this cycle continued for a short period of time, they would quit dumping money into the stock and would let its value drop to nothing leaving the company with all the money. brokers called these leads and offered stock in a fake medical drug or product.