Ellis Island

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Ellis Island Ellis Island was the major US Immigration hub in the late 1800’s and the early 1900’s. Between the years of 1892 and 1954 some 12 million were processed at Ellis Island . To many, Ellis Island represented the gateway to opportunity and a new and prosperous life by way of the American dream. However to the 25 that were turned away from Ellis Island and denied entrance into the U.S., Ellis Island represented cold shutting doors of hopelessness and failure. Those that were turned away from Ellis Island were few percentages wise, but 2% of 12million translates into more than 250,000 dreams destroyed . The Ellis Island known today was founded by the New York State government in1855 and it was the first immigrant processing station established in the United States. This maverick immigrant processing station was originally based on an island off the southwest tip of Manhattan, Castle Garden. The NY State Government placed this Immigrant processing station off shore for two main reasons. The first of those reasons being, for the protection of the immigrants whom were often robbed or tricked out of their already meager funds by city swindlers. Also, to further prevent the spread of any infectious diseases Continue...

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However, before the registry room the applicants were subjected to many tests, and screenings that they had to pass to be allowed to enter the U. The new building while more sturdy than it's predecessor, simply could not accommodate the immense volume of immigrant that needed to be processed and was repeatedly expanded upon. The mental test was comprised of basic questions about themselves and successful completion of a simple puzzle, and solving simple arithmetic problems. Some public service health doctors only had about six seconds to scan each patient. Without Ellis Island, whom is to say how the country would have turned out Most likely there would still be a mass amalgamation of many peoples and cultures, but there would have never been a common ground on which all of them could connect and relate. Detention was utilized by many immigrants who were waiting for a family member to arrive from over seas or waiting for the answer on their appeal for citizenship from washington, also many women waited for their fiancee's and vice versa. After the long extensive and tedious, immigration process, the immigrants were finally granted citizenship and admittance into the country. The first Building was designed to process around 10,000 immigrants a day and the original design was not too far off the actual capabilities of the finished product. The new Ellis Island was unveiled and opened in December of 1900 and was constructed of steel brick and stone so as it would be stronger than the previous building which was constructed of Primarily wood. Ellis Island was special because it was the first immigrant processing center of It's kind in the United States however, it set a precedent for all other similar immigration inspection stations established in its likeness because it was so thorough. citizens, more that 40, or approximately 100 million can trace their ancestry to those that came through the gates of Ellis Island. Also, one can conclude that Ellis Island was a major factor in the formation of the unique and diverse nation we live in today. If one could afford to ride in first or second class of the ship that they came to America on, then they were reserved the privilege of being pre-inspected by doctors on the ship and they were allowed to go directly on to the mainland . One can infer that this test was the most necessary of all tests administered to immigrants because it was a precautionary measure to further ensure the safety of the nation from foreign infectious and contagious diseases.


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