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Although Henrik Ibsen’s A Doll’s House is predominantly about two main characters, Torvald and Nora, there are four minor characters in the play who have very important roles. Christine Linde is a childhood friend of Nora’s. She has a major effect on events that happen in the play. She is the first character to see that Nora is not a child. Dr. Rank is another very important secondary character, who, in essence, had a love affair of his own with Nora. Krogstad, the third secondary character, was perhaps the most influential of all of the minor characters. He provides the “conflict” of the play. Lastly, there was Anne-Marie, the nurse. Her appearances in play were sparse, but still she provided another important aspect to the play. She was the Helmers’ nurse. One of the first minor characters that appear in the play is Christine, who shows up at the Helmers’ front door near the v Continue...

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He enters the play near the middle of the first act, appearing to be a very cruel and pitiless, fitting the typical "villain" stereotype in most stories. The position he put her in made her realize that she needed a change in her life. She was therefore able to see much more than Nora was capable of. She does all of the motherly things that Nora does not. Anne-Marie takes care of the children for almost the entire duration of the play. Christine went through many hard and has already gone through all the things Nora is about to face. Although in the beginning he seems very callous, through the rest of the play he undergoes a complete turnaround. She has a major effect on events that happen in the play. This simple fact makes the relationship between the two very strong. It also makes it possible for her to leave Torvald without ruining him; this was needed for the well being of her children. She is the first one to realize that Nora is not really a child; she is merely pretending in order to fit the role that Torvald has made for her.


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