Natural vs. Social Sciences

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NATURAL VS. SOCIAL SCIENCES BY : MR_JoNES^ Science is the systematic identification, observation, description, classification, experimental investigation, and theoretical explanation of phenomena. In other words, science is the orderly study of things. The purpose of science is to acquire information and obtain knowledge about the subject being studied. Knowledge can be defined as a set of verified statements about phenomena. These statements have been proven to be accurate and true. Everything that can be studied can be divided into two sections, natural and social phenomena. Natural phenomena is the something that exists without the intervention of people whereas social phenomena is something that exists only as a result of human interaction. Science can be divided into four categories, basic science, bridge science, applied science and metascience. Basic science is made up of two sections, natural sciences and social sciences. Bridge science is the sciences that bridge both natural and social science. Applied science and metascience is the study of a science in order to use it for some purpose. Nat Continue...

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This is because, unlike natural sciences, there is no one accepted definition when it comes to social sciences. A human does not have to do anything for a flower to grow in the wild and neither does he have to do anything in order for a caterpillar to turn into a butterfly. Contrast this with the study of chemistry, where if today gas A mixed with gas B produces gas C, it is safe to say that a hundred years from now gas A mixed with gas B will still produce gas C. Another example of a natural science is geology, which is the study of the earth. An example would be if a social scientist read somewhere that a person would react violently when they themselves were threatened with violence. When studying human behavior such as culture and fashion, what may have been the norm last week may no longer be acceptable next week. The second reason why a natural scientist knows more than a social scientist is because of the lack of experiments. Biology is a study of life processes and this exists independently from human intervention. ural sciences are the studies of things that exist without the intervention of people. An example of this is anthropology, which is the study of cultures. An example of a natural science is biology. While a natural scientist can easily mix chemicals up to see what the reaction would be, it is not as easy for a social scientist to perform tests on human beings to see how his behavioral patterns change. However, if he does not get the then said result, he may alter the procedure until he gets the desired result.


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