How have the Greek and Roman civilizations influenced the US

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The Greek and Roman civilizations influenced us today in many ways. There way of doing things 2000 years ago is now a structure on how we do things now. They influenced how we use politics like a congress and senate to democracies. The also help economical ways, by buying and trading things across seas. Also, they help us form Religions, like Judeo-Christian. Greek and Roman civilizations were a big help to us today. There are many ways that the Greek and Roman civilizations have influenced the USA. Many of the ways are political, in the Greek civilizations, also known as a Polis, would have group meetings of all the citizens in the city to discuss the public affairs, to choose officials, and to make and pass laws. That way of doing things has influenced our government in the way of our congress and senate. The congress and senate is people who are involved in the government, the Senators, get together to pass laws and discuss problems that we are having in this country. The Roman ci Continue...

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The senate would advise the consuls, the people who run the executive branch. And the legislative branch were an assembly of 100 men, called the senate. The Greek and Roman civilizations have made very many influences on how everything works in the US today. Today the farmers do the same thing that they Greeks did more than 2000 years ago. Which came up with polytheistic (worshiping more than one god) and monotheistic (worshiping one god). The farmers in ancient Greece would sell their crops to people and make money off of what they have grown. In 2004, the wealthy and powerful people cannot take power over the runner of the country (president). vilizations, also known as a Republic, started organizing 2 different branches of government, the executive branch and the legislative branch. There are many more things that they have influenced us by that are not in the essay but you get the point. The executive branch in the Roman culture ran the day-to-day affairs. The Greek and Roman cultures were the first to use coin money for buying and selling things. In the Greek and roman civilizations the merchants would go to great lengths to buy and sell things by sailing across oceans to buy and sell things to different cultures. The Greek and Roman civilizations not only affected us in Political ways, but in Economical ways too. In the USA today, we use coin and paper money to buy and sell things.


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