Do You Believe in Miracles?

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Do You Believe In Miracles? The Story of the 1980 US Men’s Olympic Hockey Team It was more than a hockey game. It was the US, against the world. It was freedom vs. communism. No one gave them a hope or a way to win. It was a sliver of the cold war played out on a sheet of ice. Here you have a bunch of fresh-faced college kids taking on the big bad soviet bear. In the US, in the Olympics, the confluence of events was so extrodanary that it will never happen again. No one paid attention to what Americans said in the world anymore. Our hostages were taken and we couldn’t get them back. The Red Army went into Afghanistan, and we couldn’t get them out. It might have been the all time low point for American self-esteem. Who knew that these kids would be the vehicle to make Americans excited and proud to wave a flag again? It was a miracle, David slew Goliath. It was the greatest sports moment of the 20th century. This is the story of the 1980 U.S. hockey team and their importance in the world at that time. America for many, it is a word that conjures up images of a land made of miracles. Where anything is possible, but that’s not how it was in the late 70’s when a darkness seemed to hang over the nat Continue...

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The Soviets in fact really didn't have to compete in the first round. To the players, that night was a turning point, it helped them bond together and look ahead to the future, to their goal. First they went to Europe for a series of games. The US winning the gold medal didn't solve the hostage situation, didn't get the Russians out of Afghanistan, but it sure made Americans feel better about themselves and their country, which at that time was desperately needed. On February 22, 1980, it was a small hockey rink in a little town in the Appalachian Mountains. Minutes later the Soviets scored again, and it looked like the period would end with the Soviets up 2-1. they went on a rampage winning 30 of their 41 games. But the game wouldn't stay tied for long. Even Russian players noted years later that they remembered the American team coming out and skating fast and playing very good defense, and to them that was unexpected. He was abrasive, intense, but he was also the best hockey coach America had to offer (Fischler p260). They dominated every team they played against, year after year.


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