Red Summer

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Red Summer 1919 The Red Scare is about the period in the history of the United States immediately following WWI. The dates are approximately from the Armistice in November of 1918 to the collapse of hyperinflation in 1920. Within these two dates the country witnessed--not so much in rapid succession as concurrently--a deadly flu epidemic, a strike wave of unparallel proportions, harsh suppression in some cases of those strikes, race riots, hyper-inflation, mass round-ups and deportations of foreign born citizens, expulsion of duely-elected officials from various offices in government, an incapacitated president, espionage laws, sedition laws and, of course, the advent of Prohibition and women's suffrage. 1919 was characterized by over 3300 strikes and labor violence suddenly erupted in this time. After the war workers had hoped for a better life. The war had brought many industrial employees higher pay, shorter hours, and better working conditions. Many American workers attacked the union activity, in addition inflation was rapidly rising and soon the cost of living was 77 percent highe Continue...

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The Russian Revolution of 1917 and the policy endorsed by Russia's communist leaders calling for a world wide workers revolution made American leaders suspicious of American communists. Sacco worked as a shoemaker and Vanzetti worked as a fish peddler. Details of the scandal and the extent to which each man was involved have always been unclear. These two men were arrested of a suspected murder and robbery of a shoemaker's paymaster. This began a strike that soon crippled the city. This caused all sorts of race related problems and race relations between the two arose. This lead to bombings, one that included Palmers porch. Many people believed that this execution was an injustice because of their unpopular anarchist believes. Emma Goldman was an anarchist, who used speeches that brought attention to the United States. Palmer claimed that Communist agents from Russia were planning to overthrow the American government. This resulted in workers going on strike.