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"Expecting the world to treat you fairly because you are a good person is a little like expecting the bull not to attack you because you are a vegetarian (Dennis Wholey)." Just on account of a person being understanding toward others, does not essentially mean that others have to be understanding toward them. It is the manner of life. Ever since the beginning of time man has had to deal with differences. Differences that man probably could not interpret, such as, other ways of life, or the world as someone else perceived it. Is it fair that another person should be excluded due to the way he lives, or his beliefs? Or is it justified that the person is too difficult to cooperate with? Fairness is nothing but a word that defines a perfect world, a world that is not possibly true. Fairness is difficult deed to achieve. In order to be fair, each person must have an equal piece of the pie, but in almost every case, this does not happen according to plan. Continue...

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The world itself can be envisioned as a pie. Someone could say that their piece isn't big enough to fulfill them, where as another could say that their piece is too big, thus throwing off the equally proportional perspective. It is unfair to hire someone based just on their appearance. In conclusion, fairness is tolerance. By understanding what fairness is perceived to be, it is easier to answer the questions there may be about the subject. So is it such a sin to want what is desirable After all, isn't it fair that a person should have the same opportunity as others The definition of fairness is to be just and honest, therefore it is not fair to judge someone based on his or her appearance. There could be a person much more qualified for the position, but may not look as good as the other person. Fairness can be defined as whatever it is believed to be by a sole person. Communism was brought upon to make everyone equal but that is not necessarily what happened. It is proven that everyone had the same amount of everything, but did that make everything fair What if a person worked twice as hard to get what he wants, but only got as much as his inactive neighbor To many this would not be fair, but to his neighbor it would. Therefore, there will always be one person that will not think what they have is fair. Appearance is not always what a person is about, they can be much more than good looks and a smile, or they could be much less than that. Equal proportions are the favorable method to execute activities, but this is also what adopted communism. If an individual does not think he has a big enough piece, he will conquer others until the piece is big enough, also making another man want more.


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