The Spanish Inquistition

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Ferdinand and Isabella used the Inquisition to eliminate opposition in Spain. Their thoughts were that by eliminating the Jews, Muslims, and New Christians in Spain they would gain unity, wealth, and power. They wanted to make a Christian and only a Christian Spain. Since Ferdinand and Isabella were married they strived to make Spain a whole. With Ferdinand ruling Aragon and Isabella ruling Castile they united Spain as one. Soon Ferdinand and Isabella had the regions of Granada and Portugal as part of Spain. But Ferdinand and Isabella wanted to increase their authority over their kingdom through religion as well. Ferdinand new that the church controlled large amounts of land and also served significant roles in the political system, he took these very important things into major consideration. Isabella on the other hand, “…had a genuine concern for religious reform and bel Continue...

Ferdinand and Isabella thought that the Inquisition would help purify Spain and make it all Christian, they thought that by doing this is would unite Spain more and make their reign more powerful. Jews held very important roles in the all parts of Government in Spain. Ferdinand and Isabella didn't think of using the Inquisition to purify Spain until a priest named Tomas de Torquemada brought it to their attention. ieved in their responsibility for the spiritual life of their subjects and people. There were also many Jews who were part of very wealthy and important Christian families. When the Inquisition was put out, all Jews and Muslims or basically anyone who wasn't part of the Catholic religion had to either convert to the Catholic religion or leave Spain. In the end they did in a way unite Spain as least in their minds. They also gained power and unity for their belief in making a pure Spain. New Christians were people who were Catholic by baptism. Soon most of the population had become New Christians. (The Inquisition 50-51) Ferdinand and Isabella were now convinced that by putting the Inquisition to action they could gain wealth, power, and full unity of Spain. The Inquisition was so closely associated with the government that it became a department of state. Torquemada convinced Ferdinand and Isabella that once the Inquisition was in place they could eliminate all non-Catholic believers.