Canadian Identity

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Canadian Identity A nation’s identity is extremely arduous to characterize because it encompasses such an immense population spanning an enormous land mass. Canada’s identity is even more ambiguous because Canada’s peoples seem to be less outspoken than most. Canadian pride is less said than written and so it is in Canadian literature that the strong voice of the Canadian character can be heard. Within these compositions lie many different views containing various beliefs pertaining to the Canadian identity yet, they all seem to contain a few similarities. Through literature, the Canadian identity has been characterized by its multicultural society, its firm grasp on its heritage and its diverse landscape. Though Canada is a diverse country, it is in these differences that Canadian Literature has recognized the Canadian identity. Canada’s identity can be associated with its tolerance and promotion of multiculturalism and diversity. Within Canada lie many distinct cultures and languages. This is unique, in that, most often nations, such as the United States, force or promote the assimilation of all it peoples into one large society, where there is no cultural diversity. Nations typically identify with similaritie Continue...

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Through Canada"tms multiculturalism, diverse landscape and its remembrance of its heritage, as shown through literature, Canada"tms identity is revealed. This landscape is vividly depicted as: "The transcending trees grasped the water, as they surround the lake. Thomas King describes them best: "The river begins as ice. Unfortunately these people are ignorant of the fact that the tundra is only one of several unique landscapes including the prairies located in Canada"tms Western regions. Canadian culture is identified, through literature, as characterized by its wanting to maintain a firm grasp on its heritage and humble beginnings. In fact, Canada"tms population growth is negative, but due to large-scale immigration, the population manages to increase steadily. These environments are clearly visible within literature. Learning English, which is the language spoken by most Canadians is not even promoted in Quebec because all of the signs are written in both languages - French and English. This is why Canada is one, if not the most, sought after countries to immigrate to. The traversed the land in a fit of rage. Canada is unique because there are many dissimilar environments, existing in close proximity to one another, all within the one land mass. These separate landscapes include the tundra, prairies and forest regions. Canada began as many other nations outside of Europe. The water, protected by the forest, is untouched by the winds yet the ripples in the lake can be seen as the sun shimmers on the crystal surface. In 1867 Canada became independent but they did not forget their ties with the British monarchy as virtually all nations have.


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