Character Analysis of Nora Helmer

             The central and most significant character in Henrik Ibsen’s
             A Doll’s House, is Nora Helmer. This plays theme mainly focuses on Nora’s feelings and actions. Through particular events that occur in the play, Nora becomes confused about the purpose of her role in life. As the play progresses, her character goes through a revelation, in which she discovers what life means to her. In Nora’s character analysis, I will describe her environment, and the affects of it on her character, self-image, and relationship with the other characters. I will also include her objectives and the obstacles she endures to achieve them.
             Nora’s environment throughout the play can be compared to a
             “doll’s house”. A doll is make-believe; her life is like a fantasy one can only imagine to live in. The portrayal of Nora’s life, as seen by others is similar to a doll, perfect and flawless. Yet Nora’s life is confined to her little dollhouse. Her role as a woman, wife and mother shelter her from the boundless outside world. Because of her restricted environment, later her relationship with her husband changes also affecting her relationship with her children.
             When Nora’s old friend Mrs. Linde came to visit, the two catch up on each other’s lives. This is a turning point for Nora’s self-image. As she speaks to Mrs. Linde, she sees herself in a different perspective. She realizes that she deserves more than what she is taken for by others. She feels that she is a strong woman, who goes unrecognized for the things she has done for her family. While Mrs. Linde has suffered immensely, Nora feels that she too has endured hardships and has her own reasons to be proud. Although Nora has established her own viewpoint and opinion, she refrains from speaking out about it. She only confides in Mrs. Linde because as another woman, she trusts her.
             As the play develops, the on-going inter

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