A Look Into the Future:30 years

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What Thirty Years Can Do Fuel exploded out of the rear truster in flames, covering the right side of the ship in an inferno. The ships warning signals sounded setting of a loud siren through out the ship. Rebel pirates’ ships blasted by again firing an array of lasers piercing the destroyed spacecraft. The bloodthirsty pirates were boarding at the East docking bay; the halls were left with a few surviving men as the pirates continued their rampage. I had to get the crystal and get off this ship before it exploded into bits; the galaxy depended on it. I slide through the open doors of the destroyed briefing room and ran over to the door reading “Security Clearance Only”. Remembering that my clearance card was Continue...

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in my room, I pulled out a little X-36 and attached it to the door. I stepped back and pressed the detonator; the door made a quick burst of flames from the chemicals I then stuck my hand in through the little hole in the burned steel walls, and punched in my ten-digit code on the opposite side. I reached out and grasped the sparkling crystal in my hands. My heart was all I could feel was my heart pounding. I was smashed against the control panel and blood gushed from my head; was this it for me When my eyes opened again all I could think about was getting that crystal out of here. With every last bit of strength I pulled myself up and walked over to the emergence evacuation port. The door opened, but as it reached the top a rebel pirate from behind fired a laser hitting the circuit board. Closing the last door, I step down from the evacuation port then hit launch on the keypad. Then the door gave in; the rebel pirates poured in the door all covered in weaponry head-to-toe. All of a sudden there was another violent shake sending LCD screens and digital projectors flying down shattering into bits. It exploded sending the door hurtling down, I leaped in as the door hit the ground in a blaze of sparks. The briefing room doors broke open as the rebel pirates bombarded in. Setting the small crystal on the stand, I backed up and closed the first storage door on the evacuation port.


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