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Hr Management

A management team must develop the company’s ability to recruit, train, and keep first quality employees, as well as its ability to train and motivate seasonal workers. Without effective human resource management, company growth can be restricted and performance can suffer. The term Human Resource Management (HRM) refers to activities undertaken to attract, develop, and maintain an effective workforce within an organization. Companies such as General Electric and Hewlett-Packard have become famous for their philosophy about human resource management, which some analysts say is the foundation of their success. HRM is also important in nonprofit organizations as well. Over the past decade, human resource management has shed its old personnel image and gained recognition as a vital player in corporate strategy. Research has found that effective human resource management has a positive impact on organizational performance, including higher productivity. Especially in today’s tight labor market, the ability to attract and retain quality employees can be a powerful strategic weapon. Some small business in particular report that finding and keeping good workers is the biggest problem they face. Human resource management has three main parts. First, all managers are human resource managers. Secondly, employees are viewed as assets. Third, human resource management is a matching process, integrating the organization’s goals with employees’ needs. Employees should receive satisfaction equal to that of company. My research paper concentrates on the aspects of developing an effective workforce. The major goals of HRM are to develop employees into an effective workforce. Development includes training and performance appraisal. Training and development represent a planned effort by an organization to facilitate employees’ learning of job related behaviors. Organizations spend nearly $100 billion each year on training. Training may occur...

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