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Intellectual curiosity is a person’s way of expanding their horizons and discovering what’s out there. One way to aggrandize horizons is to learn about people, their ethnic background, and culture. Understanding the people that you work with can lead to excellent leadership. Why, how, when, and where are some of the questions that I would annoy my parents with. Ever since I was able to hold things in my hand, I wondered how they worked and their purpose. My mom tells me stories about how I would destroy expensive toys Continue...

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to see the components just for the purpose of establishing how it works. My parents highly depend on me to receive a great quality education and become someone important, and I will not let them down. Farming and herding was my grandparent's life. I am thankful of my grandparents for allowing my dad to immigrate to the United States for a better life and educating us. I will work hard to fullfil my dreams to the fullest. Hopefully after college I can go back to my native land and show my grandparents, aunts, and uncles how much I have achieved. Being from a diminutive village of Sidhpur, India, education was not the main priority for people. I use my artistic talents to help around people. About 1 to 5 of the population went to college, which they later dropped out. I do not want that name to fade away when I attend your school. At school, teachers refer to me as "question girl. Every sunday I go down the womens shelter where the abandoned women stay, and I play around with their kids and which brings happyness and allows them to forget what has happened. Leadership matters a lot to me because I come form a community of hardworking people.


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Texts are used at all levels of education as a me. Texts are used at all levels of education as a method or aid in helping students (1534 6 )

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