Advertisement Techniques

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An average American spends fifteen hours per week watching television. During that time, viewers are exposed to countless number of advertisements. Although not everyone is affected by all advertisements, each one of us is bound to become a “sucker” to advertisements sometime in our life. Billions of dollars are spent by American business in creating, running, testing, and measuring advertising effectiveness. American businesses utilize various advertising techniques to manipulate consumers to purchase their products. One essential element of advertising techniques is capturing the viewers’ attention and making them remember the product after watching the commercial. Without accomplishing these tasks, the commercial is useless regardless of the quality of the product. One way of obtaining viewers’ attention is to arouse their curiosity at the beginning of the commercial. For instance, a Powerade commercial had a football player painting his fingernails in a locker room before a game. The scene may seem peculiar to most viewers. The image intrigues viewers and leads them to keep watching the commercial. Slogans in commercials help viewers remember the products. Nike is one such commercial that has gen Continue...

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In a time when parents are doing everything they can to keep their children in schools, they might purchase this product to help make their children want to go to school. During soap opera hours, commercials of household items such as dish detergents and toothpaste target housewives. So they pick something to believe and hold that notion until a message breaks through and persuades them to change. For example, if a doctor in John Hopkins said that Vioxx is effective in treating arthritis, then arthritis patients who saw the commercial would try the medicine. It is widely known that Jordon has led his basketball team to win countless games, and he has been named NBA's most valuable player many times. Advertisement placement in magazines and television time slots is determined by the particular consumers that businesses are targeting. The child in the commercial did not want to go to school. In addition, they would believe that Toaster-Strudel is worth getting up in the morning for school. " By doing so, the company is making the audience the focus of the commercial. Product advertisements are placed in magazines often read by its target consumers. Images presented on television and magazines manipulate consumers by appealing to their desires. Although the target audience, children, do not have purchasing power; they have their parents to buy those products for them. Nevertheless, the company is promoting its product successfully if it finds a way to communicate uniqueness and connect it to a need of the target group. Product commercials are run in time slots during which its target consumers are likely to be watching television. When advertising their products, companies keep their potential consumers in mind.


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