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A Rose For Emily 1. FIRST RESPONSE: How might this story be rewritten as a piece of formula fiction? Now that Emily's was clear of her father's "horsewhip" she was able to explore her sexuality This newfound freedom led her to fancy a Yankee day laborer named Homer Barron. Mr. Barron was a man that every women dreams of meeting to marry. He was tall and dark and he had the most beautiful eyes. He was perfect gentlemen that did everything for Mrs. Emily. She was so in love that they decided to marry. After a year of marriage they decided to have a family. The same year the couple had twin boys. The boys love to go fishing with their dad and many times the kids of the town people join them. Homer even decided to run for mayor and won. Every weeek-end the couple had parties and everyone came over. The house was never remodeled it was like a museum and everyone enjoyed visiting. The couple lived happily ever after. 2. What is the effect of the final paragraph of the story? How does it contribute to your understanding of Emily? Why is it important that we get this information last rather than beginning of the story? The final paragraph contributed to the understanding of Emily by describing to the reader b Continue...

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    A Rose for Emily
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Emily's house had become oldest home standing. This is to give a reader the atmosphere of the story. He expresses the content of her character through physical description, through her actions, words, and feelings, through a narrator's direct comments about the character's nature, and through the actions, words, and feelings, of other characters. I thought, just as the others thought, that she would kill herself but it ended up that she killed Homer Barron and she died of natural causes at the age of seventy-four. Explain how Emily's reason for murdering Homer are related to her personal history and to the ways she handled previous conflicts After her father had driven away lots of young men and then he died and then her sweetheart deserted her, she needed to be secure that no one else would leave and abandon her. So her motivation, I think, for killing Homer Barren was to keep him with her forever. This hinted that somebody was going to die but we did not know who. How does the information provided by the exposition indicate the nature of the conflict of the story What does Emily's southern heritage contribute to the story Regarded as symbolic of the changes in the South during the representative period. Because of this, she and her house stood as the last obstacle to modernization that was taking place in Jefferson 6. The house "had once been white" (70), just as Emily's portrait showed her as a "slender figure in white", and later the house, like Emily, deteriorates in to an eyesore. efore the last paragraph that Emily that Emily had indeed killed her love and had kept him intact and keep the reader where was Emily's body that laid beside her for the last moments of her life. The authors consistent use of symbols throughout the story are yet another facet of the magnificence of "A Rose for Emily". What details foreshadow the conclusion of the story Did you anticipate the endings I saw some foreshadowing of death when she went to buy the arsenic.


A Rose for Emily
A Rose for Emily. Body The setting of A Rose for Emily is established early by Faulkner. No one has seen the inside of Miss EmilyÆs home for over a decade. (794 3 )

A Rose for Emily
A Rose for Emily. Body The setting of A Rose for Emily is established early by Faulkner. No one has seen the inside of Miss EmilyÆs home for over a decade. (791 3 )

A Rose For Emily
A Rose For Emily. Much of the action of "A Rose for Emily" concerns specula-tion about Miss Emily's activity behind the upstairs window. (2793 11 )

A Rose for Emily
A Rose for Emily. 209-11. Davis, William V. "Another Flower for Faulkner's Bouquet: Theme and Structure in A Rose for Emily." Notes on Mississippi Writers, Vol. (1612 6 )

A Rose for Emily
A Rose for Emily. A Rose for Emily Yes, Emily killed her lover, Homer. Reference Falkner, W. (2000). A Rose for Emily. in Kennedy, XJ & Gioia, D. (2000). (1193 5 )

"A Rose for Emily"
"A Rose for Emily". William be. Bibliography Faulkner, William. "A Rose For Emily." 494-502. Joyce, James. "A Little Cloud." 794-805. (12177 49 )